Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku

Kimura Takeshi
Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku (2011)
Celeb Studio presenting two exciting episodes of the hentai "Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku". Watch this hentai online in HD on our website. The storyline tells about the life of young girls who wish to attend one of the most prestigious educational institutions of their city – "the School of impudence" number 3. It is an elite institution guarantees to receive higher education, but before you start school they will have to pass many tests, sexual tests. However, few know that the Director of this shameless place has a very unusual person. Girls are not even aware that their future Director of a real pervert. The head of this office is going to personally train young girls, only one question - what kind of knowledge do they gain? You guessed it, in hentai, they are unlikely to teach science! Nice view in 720p!
Year: 2011
Episodes: 2 of 2
Duration: 20 min
Producer: Kimura Takeshi
Censorship: Uncensored
Translation: english subtitles
Watch online
Eng. sub
+98 478

Screenlist Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku episode 1 Screenlist Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku episode 2
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    1 November 2017 21:49
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  2. oshiate
    11 January 2018 13:25
    why just ep1 is uncensored
    1. Amon
      14 January 2018 20:19
      Its not our fault...
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