Birei Okami Mie

Mourning wife

My beautiful mistress

Ooba Hideaki
Birei Okami Mie (2010-2011)
Hentai "Birei Okami Mie" was created with the participation of studios, Marigold, Lune Schoolzone and. He will tell You a fascinating story about a normal girl who lives in her house and part bar with two beautiful assistants. And, as in any hentai, it's not complete without hot love relationships and pleasures. In the beginning everything was good - the chef had sex with only one hostess, but soon the second of his pseudo wife tired to engage in constant Masturbation and sorrow for sex and she decided to complement them blowing their thirst for caresses the body. Since then they have formed a love triangle which is very nice to watch. This Hentai Russian you can watch online. Has Russian subtitles and English subtitles.
Year: 2010-2011
Episodes: 2 of 2
Duration: 27 min
Producer: Ooba Hideaki
Censorship: Censored
Translation: english subtitles
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+15 23

Screenlist Birei Okami Mie episode 1 Screenlist Birei Okami Mie episode 2
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