Buta Hime-sama

Nagai Shinpei
Buta Hime-sama (2011)
"Buta Hime-sama" - fantasy hentai dedicated to the Kingdom called Histoire, which for many centuries existed peacefully. The people of this beautiful Kingdom was engaged in farming and dairy product manufacturing, and also engaged in brewing. Far from this peaceful place was the Kingdom of the pig, which is regularly raided their lands to profit than that of their resources. Princess Iliana decided that this needed to stop. For this she has to marry the king of pigs - DORMA and become his Princess. But she does not know yet what will cost this reckless act. You can watch hentai online in high quality and with English subtitles!
Year: 2011
Episodes: 1 of 1
Duration: 25 min
Producer: Nagai Shinpei
Censorship: Censored
Translation: english subtitles
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+21 77

Screenlist Buta Hime-sama episode 1
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