Dainiji Ura Nyuugakushiken The Animation

Underground School Admission Exam

Oota Shuuta
Dainiji Ura Nyuugakushiken The Animation (2017)
Here is a new hentai "Dainiji Ura Nyuugakushiken The Animation", which was released in time of the examinations in many universities. The story of this hentai is very predictable and the main idea is clear literally from the name of it. Our main heroine loves to shoot all sorts of sexual video on his phone and, as usual, all secret becomes clear. One of the educators were able to learn about her pervert passion, and now blackmails this sexy girl. Of course, the educator decides to create many more movies with her participation and, sometimes, have a good fuck with her. This is heavy fate of young learners. Watch all anime and other animation in the best quality for free only on our portal!
Year: 2017
Episodes: 1 of 1
Duration: 20 min
Producer: Oota Shuuta
Censorship: Uncensored
Translation: english subtitles
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Eng. sub
+59 187

Screenlist Dainiji Ura Nyuugakushiken The Animation episode 1
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  1. Amon
    28 April 2018 10:22
    Now uncensored. Enjoy guyz.
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