Siracy Mitita
Choisuji (2007)
Hentai "Choisuji" has two parts and each serie tells independent little story that takes place in ordinary schools in Japan. The first story focuses on a girl, who throughout all anime playing with her pet, and after that one guy will fuck she. In the second part you also will see a sexy and beautiful girls. This pervert girlfriends must complete tests in their school and they begin to help each other in the medical cabinet. Also, they dicided to call for help a local physician who, in final, was very happy and helped them with pleasure. Best hentai, latest subs and translation - all this you can find here, on HentaiCore!
Year: 2007
Episodes: 2 of 2
Duration: 30 min
Producer: Siracy Mitita
Censorship: Censored
Translation: english subtitles
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+3 15

Screenlist Choisuji episode 1 Screenlist Choisuji episode 2
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