Hininden: Gauss

Hininden - Gauss

Rin Shin
Hininden: Gauss (2005)
We want to stream hentai "Hininden: Gauss", because this is a very interesting anime about the crazy adventures of beautiful princess Kurama. When she escaped from her security with a private guardian, this sexy girl for help a Gauss. During all of this, Dodorome and Shura trying to find our heroine. Also, hentai tells to viewers about a spicy dating of Daisuke and Kazuki who wish to have sex and other pervert things. In this time, some woman, named Kurama, using magic and sending the poor boy into the castle. We stream you anime only in best quality and with English subs and if you like it - just leave comments!
Year: 2005
Episodes: 1 of 1
Duration: 30 min
Producer: Rin Shin
Censorship: Censored
Translation: english subtitles
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Screenlist Hininden: Gauss episode 1
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