Maki-chan to Nau

Now with Maki

Matano Ryuuzou
Maki-chan to Nau (2012-2014)
Everyone, who loves the yuri genre should like hentai  "Maki-chan to Nau"! One evening, a young boy-student went outside to breathe fresh air and on the way consider a fresh plot, which he use in his manga comics. Walking through the streets, he stumbles upon a girl, who masturbating in front of the gate of his house. He watches her and understands. that this is his classmate Tadayo Maki. She is a very sweet and sexy girl. At the same moment, she sees him - she was very confused and didn't know what to do, until in her head came a interesting plan to implement all her lustful desires. The young painter does not suspect what awaits him this evening... Watch hentai online for free and with English subtitles!
Year: 2012-2014
Episodes: 4 of 4
Duration: 30 min
Producer: Matano Ryuuzou
Censorship: Censored
Translation: english subtitles
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+6 18

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