Rasen Sokou no Dystopia

Rasen Sokou no Dystopia (2015)
Here is a fresh adaptation of the visual novell - hentai "Rasen Sokou no Dystopia". In this case, to praise the PoRo studio is quite problematic - as they are unable to make an adequate storyline of pretty good game. To describe briefly - hentai will show the students of one university, with which all are treated like real whores, and they love it. Only our main character suspects nothing and thinks that these girls are the most innocent in the world. In the end, the boy learns about the secret desires and the life of his slutty-students. Watch this hentai online in best quality and for free!
Year: 2015
Episodes: 2 of 2
Duration: 30 min
Producer: Lilim
Censorship: Censored
Translation: english subtitles
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Screenlist Rasen Sokou no Dystopia episode 1 Screenlist Rasen Sokou no Dystopia episode 2
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