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Welcome to the site HentaiCore.org!

We are welcome You on our website! It devoted to one of the most interesting and depraved genre of anime - hentai.

We want to create the biggest collection of all genres of hentai, which will be available for online watching in best, HD quality (720p and 1080p).

"Will I like hentai?" – about this think a lot of people who are not faced with this kind animation. From the beginning of the viewing, any of you will see that hentai has the same type of drawing like an ordinary anime. What is the main feature of hentai? As always, answer is very simple – in this genre of animation you will see very many sex scenes and all of them demonstrates all details of sex process. Hentai genre is alike to "ecchi" but with one, biggest difference - the last one don’t show fully nude heroes, and show only "sexual allusions" in the form of various “interesting” poses or positions. In the hentai you will not see any limitations regarding the action on screen.

If you watch hentai at first time, we advise you to be careful with its genres – a lot of them can shock you. If you never watch hentai, we advise you to abstain from futanari ( about girls hermaphrodites), yaoi (about gays) and all other videos with monsters and tentacles, because they can spoil the first experience.

Firstly you must decide do you want to watch censored or uncensored hentai. This is very important, because at this step determines whether you will be able to see naked bodies and genitals of the characters in the movie!

Now, just choose what is more suitable for you and enjoy the best quality and the comfortable player which work on any device!
Subarashiki Kokka no Kizukikata (2019)
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Shishunki Sex (2019)
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Shoujo Kyouiku RE (2019)
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Hime-sama Love Life! (2019)
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